Two brothers and their love for artimals (art and animals) .......

A Glance at the past: In our younger years we used to paint pictures of our dogs, Simba and Killa. What started as a hobby turned into passion. Later, we wanted to learn new skills. We started cutting, carving, shaping resin for different crafts. To sharpen our skills, we also made some colorful sculptures for our family and friends of their beloved whelps and dogs. The unexpected positive response was so overwhelming which led us to the idea of sharing our love for artimals with the world.

Speedy Koala: To pursue our passion professionally, we created a platform. Founded in 2019, Speedy Koala was a dream come true for us.

We started off by making a small number of statues. They were all sold out within a short period of time. This was unbelievable! We built a team to work on a large scale, so we could reach each one of you. Together as trained professionals, we have become fast enough to produce large number of statues in a limited amount of time, while paying close attention to details.

Our statues can be simply used as a beautiful décor for your space. But they are also a memorable piece of art which reminds you of your best friend even when they are not around you.

That brought us to this day, where we are serving thousands of customers with our products made from heart with great love and care. Every day we receive thousands of heartwarming e-mails from customers. Thank you for appreciating our efforts and the products we make for you!

We see it as a huge responsibility to make each and every consumer feel happy and satisfied after they open their most awaited package sent by us. The love for artimals connect us with our customers on same emotional level, that is why we are one big family today.

Team Speedy Koala wishes you lots of fun with your purchase(s)!

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